Abandoned (Issue 9)



Abandoned vehicles are a regular sight in every Indian commuter’s journey. We come across them on the sides of main roads, left to rust in small alleyways, and parked in our own neighbourhoods. Yet we rarely cast a second glance at them.

They are the perfect metaphor for the current urban lifestyle of rapid consumption and discarding. Today’s loved possession becomes tomorrow’s rubbish. These cars and bikes were once the apple of the eye of a family. They took them to places of work and leisure, and were an essential part of their life. Adorned with garlands and decorated during festivals, they were washed with love and dusted with care. A car was maintained like a cherished member of the family.

– Kishor Krishnamoorthi
– Suri Vasireddy
– Madhav Raj Bhatt

Dimensions 148 x 210 mm