Bicycle (Issue 7)



Despite the arrival of newer and lighter sport versions and fancy models, the time tested standard cycle still rules the Indian market. Since majority of the cycle users in India are either commuters of small distances or people who run small businesses on these cycles, this version has proved worthy. These cycles come equipped with a larger back carrier, a sturdy stand, extra springs and stronger tyres, all of which allow them to carry extra load and minimise wear and tear.

For our 7th issue, we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the bicycle and have photographed the people who rely on it for a livelihood. For an investment of about five thousand rupees, most of them earn a net profit of fifteen thousand per month. This is probably the most successful model of micro- entrepreneurship in India.


Contributors – Kishor Krishnamoorthi, Suri Vasireddy, T.Vijayendra and Mandakini Rao.

Dimensions 148 x 210 mm